Online system Intellinova Parallel MB with HMI display
Intellinova Parallel MB cabinet with HMI option simplifying measurement configuration and alarm management.

Intellinova Parallel MB now available with HMI option

SPM Instrument now introduces the new HMI option for Intellinova Parallel MB. With a clear focus on increasing the usability of the existing Intellinova Parallel MB units, the new option simplifies measurement configuration and alarm management for users not familiar with the Modbus protocol.

Intellinova Parallel MB is a small and robust condition monitoring unit for parallel measurement on four channels, providing instant condition evaluation. The unit is an excellent candidate for first-line condition monitoring on a wide variety of industrial applications. The new option with a touchscreen HMI display makes the unit more accessible to all levels of condition monitoring practitioners.

Intellinova Parallel MB with HMI display makes advanced measurement technology, including the patented HD technologies, accessible through a user-friendly and simple graphical interface. Without the need for database management and expertise, Intellinova Parallel MB with HMI is an “out-of-the-box” solution with ample customization possibilities, requiring minimal user training. Suitable measurement configurations for condition monitoring of typical machine combinations – such as motor-pump or fan-motor – are pre-programmed for ease of use.

The HMI display manages eight applications and up to twelve Intellinova Parallel MB units with four channels each, allowing a fully customizable solution to meet different needs. The display can be installed in the same cabinet as the measuring units, or in other suitable locations if required. To supplement existing Intellinova Parallel MB installations, it is also possible to purchase the HMI display separately.

For more information, contact your SPM sales representative, or download a flyer here.

Intellinova Parallel MB

Intellinova® Parallel MB - небольшой и надежный модуль для параллельного измерения состояния по четырем каналам.