Small but clearly visible spalling in the replaced bearing.

Steel producer SSAB monitors bearing condition on continuous casting line with SPM HD

SSAB, Swedish steel manufacturer of hot and cold reduced strip, recently has equipped its Continuous casting line 5 with online condition monitoring using Intellinova Compact and the SPM HD measuring technique.

Over the years, SSAB has experienced numerous bearing failures in the oscillation drive system, with production losses as a consequence. This case study is an account of an eight-month period of trial measurements at the SSAB continuous casting plant in Luleå in northern Sweden. The purpose of the trial was to determine system functionality and its capacity to detect the weak signals emitted by a damaged bearing at the relatively low speeds (approx. 120 RPM) of the oscillating mold.

During the test measurement period, four bearing damages were detected in the drive mechanism of the oscillation mold.

SSAB is a world leading producer of cold steels and advanced high strength steels, and Scandinavia's largest manufacturer of strip products. SSAB has production facilities in Luleå, Borlänge and Oxelösund in Sweden. The production facility in Luleå produces steel slabs which are transported from there to Borlänge in central Sweden for rolling and processing into strip products.

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Case Study
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This case study is an account of an eight month period of trial measurements at the steel producer SSAB continuous casting plant in Luleå, Sweden. Written by Tim Sundström.

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